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How To Lose Weight Faster using Water

Step 3: Drink lukewarm water before you go to bed

This little trick can help you lose weight without even trying. Drink lukewarm water before you go to bed while it will increase your metabolism and help burn calories throughout the night.

Drinking warm water before you go to bed at night will also help you sleep better, which in turn helps your body stay healthy.

The idea is that it helps to flush out the body, thereby preventing bloating and aids in detox.

You should avoid eating or drinking anything at least two hours before bedtime, since it takes time for your stomach to digest the food and your body to process it.

Drinking a glass of cold water before you go to bed makes you crave food, and slows down your metabolism. The theory behind this is that drinking cold water makes your body work harder to warm it up. In order to do so, it burns calories. So by drinking lukewarm water instead of extremely cold water, you will burn more calories.

Drinking 3 cups of water (go little further) before you go to bed can help flush out the stomach acid and reduce bloating. You gave up soda and coffee, didn’t you? Do not replace them with juices or sugary drinks or sports drinks. These just add calories which make it difficult for your body to burn fat. The best diet secret is drinking plenty of pure water throughout the day, especially before going to bed.

Finally, drinking warm non-sparkling water two hours before bedtime has been found to promote healthy weight loss and improved sleep.

Now, let’s we take a look at some of the rarely known benefits of drinking lukewarm water. Click next.

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