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The 11 Best Vegetables For Weight Loss And Healthy Body

7. Celery

Celery is among the top vegetables for weight loss. It’s low in calories, high in fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Celery contains about 20 calories per cup—not much considering its size! That means you can eat a lot of it without worrying that you’ll take in too many extra calories. Celery also offers a good dose of vitamin K, which regulates blood clotting; potassium, an electrolyte that helps control blood pressure; and vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity and keeps your skin looking youthful.

You can eat it on its own, or you can add it to your favorite recipes. Here are some ideas for how to eat celery:

  • Add celery sticks to soups and stews just before serving. You’ll get all the benefits of the vegetable without having to chew through tough fibers.
  • Add chopped celery leaves (the green part) to salads for extra crunch and color
  • Make celery soup with chicken stock, butter, salt and pepper for an easy winter meal
  • Try eating it with peanut butter. You’ll get all of the health benefits of celery and a delicious, creamy treat simultaneously!
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