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Top 15 Magical Fruits For Weight Loss – Hurry up!

4 – Cherries


Cherries are high in fiber and water content, both of which help you feel full and satisfied. Based on the USDA Food Composition Database, one cup of raw sweet cherries has only 48 calories compared to 112 for an equivalent amount of grapes. And if you buy organic or local cherries when they’re available (and budget allows), you can save a few more calories by eliminating the sugar that is often added during processing. Cherry juice is also a great choice since it’s low in calories with almost no fat or sodium.

Cherries are packed with vitamin C which helps boost your immune system to help fight off infections as well as boosting collagen formation in your skin so your complexion looks smoother and younger looking too!

Another benefit of eating cherries is they contain anthocyanins – pigments that give fruits and vegetables their color – especially beneficial for heart health because they may lower blood pressure levels when consumed regularly over time. Anthocyanins have been shown to protect against cancer cell growths; reduce inflammation throughout our bodies; improve memory function; prevent cognitive decline associated with aging; reduce pain from inflammation like arthritis etc… Cherries have also been linked with reducing risk factors associated with diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining healthy blood sugar control due to their ability to slow down digestion while still providing energy quickly after consumption.

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